India Competition and Regulation Report (ICRR 2023)


ICRR 2023 – Synopsis

The India Competition and Regulation Report (ICRR) series is a flagship biennial publication of CUTS and CIRC, presenting a compendium of policy-relevant research on the status of competition and regulation in India spanning across the sector and cross-cutting contemporary issues. This report is the eighth in a series that began in 2007. The forthcoming edition of ICRR 2023 will thus focus on contemporary regulatory and competition issues in the healthcare sector. Within the health sector, the edition will look into: healthcare services; pharmaceuticals; medical devices; pathology; medical education; medical insurance; global issues, and preventative health care.

In this Context, CUTS will release this report in 2023 after undertaking evidence-led research and participation from various experts.

The report contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1:

An Overview

Chapter 2:

Perception and Awareness Reporting

Chapter 3:

Competition Issues in The Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors

Chapter 4:

Public-Private Partnership Model in the Healthcare Services Sector

Chapter 5:

Regulatory Framework and Investment in Hospitals and Pharmaceutical Sectors

Chapter 6:

Evolving Policy and Regulatory Landscape for Digital Health in India: A Narrative Review

Chapter 7:

Telemedicine: Regulation and Promotion

Chapter 8:

The E-Pharmacy Conundrum: Regulatory Challenges and the Ripple Effects on Market Competition

Chapter 9:

Regulation of Mental Healthcare in India

Chapter 10:

Bio-Medical Waste Management: Sad State of Affairs

Chapter 11:

Domestic Production of APIs in India

Chapter 12:

Pricing and Availability of Medical Devices

Chapter 13:

Regulation of Pathological Laboratories in India

Chapter 14:

Unlocking the Potential of Medical Tourism in India

Chapter 15:

The TRIPs Waiver and Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines and Drugs

Chapter 16:

Regulatory Issues in Medical Education in India

Chapter 17:

The Design and Regulation of Health Insurance in India

Chapter 18:

Road Safety in India: A Public Health Challenge

Chapter 19:

Ambulance Services in India - Are the Sirens Loud Enough!

Chapter 20:

Food Safety for Health and Wellbeing: Addressing the Challenges of the Regulatory System

Chapter 21:

Nutrition Status in India through the Regulatory Lens

Chapter 22: