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8th CUTS-CIRC Biennial Conference | 09-10 October 2023 | New Delhi, India.

5th National Conference on Economics of Competition Law, Competition Commission of India | March 6th 2020 | New Delhi, India.

Sensitisation workshop on “Intervention of Public Private Partnership (PPP) for integrated rural water supply and waste water management projects”. | February 28th 2020 | Kendrapada, Odisha.

Sensitisation workshop on “Intervention of Public Private Partnership (PPP) for integrated rural water supply and waste water management projects” | 27th February, 2020, Athagada, Odisha.

Sensitisation workshop on “Intervention of Public Private Partnership (PPP) for integrated rural water supply and waste water management projects” | 26th February, 2020, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha.

Train the Trainers Programme on " PPP intervention for creating Sustainable Rural Infrastructure and Provisioning of Quality Services" | 25th February, 2020, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Round Table Discussion on “Sanctity of contracts: The debate around the role of the judiciary and the regulator” | February 20th 2020 | IIC, New Delhi.

ICRR 2019 on Competition and Regulation in India, 2019, Digital Economy-Hitting the reset button on competition and regulatory governance | 5th February, 2020, New Delhi

6th CUTS-CIRC Biennial Conference on Competition, Regulation and Development | 1st-2nd December, 2019, New Delhi

Paper on Technology Startups and IPR protection in India at the 10th Asia Pacific Innovation Conference at the School of Economics Peking University (SEPKU), 10th-11th October, 2019 | Beijing.

CIRC-ECONOMICS PARTNERS Economic Consulting-5th Winter School on Economics of Competition Law | 25th-28th September, 2019, New Delhi

VI BRICS International Competition Conference dedicated to “10 years of cooperation between the BRICS Competition Authorities results and prospects”, September 16th-19th, 2019 | Moscow.

Public Private Partnerships for Developing Social Sector Infrastructure, August 28 2019 | PHDCCI, New Delhi.


DoPT Training Programme on 'Public Procurement' for AIS Officers | 11-15 December 2017 | New Delhi.

World Competition Day 2017 | December 5 | IICC, New Delhi.

Advanced level course on 'Economics of Competition Law and Policy' for mid-career IES officers | 12th-16th September 2017 | Jaipur.

"Major Trends in Global Enforcement of lInternational Cartels", March 1, 2017, India International Centre, New Delhi,

World Competition Day 2016,‘Linkages between Competition and Intellectual Property’ 5th December 2016, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

CIRC-NERA Economic Consulting- Winter School on Role of Economics in Competition Law. 28th-30th November, 2016-New Delhi

Roundtable Discussion on Growth of ICT Sector in India: Issues and Challenges pertaining to SEPs 22nd August, 2016-India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Seminar on Regional Electricity Cooperation and Trade in South Asia, 27th June, 2016-India Habitat Center, New Delhi

Launch Conference :Promoting Innovation and Competition for Efficient Use of Intellectual Property in India (Comp-IP Programme) at New Delhi on 11th March 2016.

World Competition Day Celebration, Theme: ‘Competition Issue in Public Procurement’, 5th December 2015, YMCA, New Delhi, India.

CIRC Awareness Seminar on Competition Law at SGT University, Gurgaon on 21.08.2015.

CIRC Awareness Seminar on Competition Law at SGT University, Gurgaon on 21.08.2015.

Seminar on E-Businesses in India: Issues and Challenges & Award Ceremony-CIRC Essay Writing Contest" at New Delhi

National Workshop on Competition Policy & Law with New Law College Bhartiya Vidyapeth University, Pune on 07-02-2015.

ITEC SPECIAL COURSE ON COMPETITION POLICY & LAW, (for African Countries) at NLU Delhi on 16th February-1st March, 2015.

MoU signed between CIRC & Central University, Haryana on 28.01.2015.

CIRC-RILMM Training programme on PPP:India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, 19-20 January, 2015.

World Competition Day Competition Issues in Public Procurement 5th December, 2014, New Delhi.

5 Days Training PROGRAMME ON PUBLIC PROCUREMENT, 10th - 14th November, 2014,India International Centre, New Delhi.

CIRC Event with FTC on Competition issues in Health care & Pharma sector, 25 September 2014, YMCA, New Delhi

CIRC-IRILMM Workshop on Competition Law "Combating Anti-competitive Practices and enhancing Competition in Public Procurement" 08-09 September 2014, New Delhi

CIRC and RMCS, Mumbai 3 Day Workshop on “Legal Literacy and Legal Aspects of Power Sector” for Professionals Working in Power Sector.

One Day FDP jointly organised by CIRC & Symbiosis School of Economics (SSE) at Pune on 21st August 2014

Round Table on Children’s Online Safety, 5th August, 2014, YMCA, New Delhi.

CIRC Essay Competition 2014 - Prize Distribution Ceremony, 16 July 2014

Three Day Workshop on Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) and Annual Performance Review (APR) at New Delhi from 26 - 28 June, 2014

Three Day Summer Course on Competition Law & Practice in India, 19-21 June, 2014-New Delhi

Competition Law Compliance workshop 2014, 18-19 April-2014, New Delhi

CIRC-NLUD Courses on Competition Policy & Law Convocation held on 21st December, 2013 at National Law University, Delhi.

CIRC Faculty development Programme on Competition Law (November 19, 2013, New Delhi)

CIRC-CRESSE Winter School on “Role of Economics in Competition Law” (November 11-15, 2013, New Delhi)

3rd Biennial International Conference on Competition Reforms:Emerging Challenges in a Globalising World (November 18-19, 2013, New Delhi)

Souvenir Launch Mainstreaming Public Private Partnerships in India

CIRC-Cyber Security Malaysia-Page Seminar on Protecting the Data Privacy of our students in the digital age (June 07, 2013, Kualalumpur, Malaysia)