3rd Progress Report as on May 30, 2006






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This is the third progress report that provides a summary of developments at CIRC between the period March to May 2006 and the events planned for the future.

Three training seminars and three academic lectures have been organised so far on a range of subjects, and an array of events has been planned for rest of the year. These activities proposed include training workshops, public lectures and short-term online courses which will be organised pan India and gradually expand its horizons beyond the domestic boundaries. For updates please keep on visiting http://www.circ.in/about.htm


2.1 Governing Council: The second meeting of the Governing Council will be organised at a time convenient to majority of the members. Meanwhile, the members are constantly kept abreast of the activities and developments. For constitution of the 18-member Governing Council please log on to http://www.circ.in/govrn_council.htm

2.2 Managing Committee: During this period Shri Nitin Desai joined the Managing Committee to fill in the place vacated by Shri Nripendra Mishra as he was appointed as Chairman of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) which will keep him quite busy. Shri Mishra will continue to serve as a member of the Governing Council.

The second Managing Committee meeting was held on April 21, 2006 in Jaipur. The members present were Dr Vijay Shankar Vyas (in Chair), Mr B K Zutshi, Mr D R Mehta, Dr. Nitin Desai (on telephone from Delhi), Mr Pradeep S Mehta. Shri S Sundar regretted his presence as he was travelling abroad. The Managing Committee expressed satisfaction about the progress made so far and put forth several suggestions. Following are some of the key suggestions made: the training seminars should be backed with solid research and due emphasis should be made on technical aspects; efforts being made to reach-out to potential clientele need to be more focused and intensified; building strong brand image is critical; collaboration with renowned institutions should be explored; no need to apply for deemed University status at the moment; resources being limited, priority should be on securing quality of products rather to invest in physical assets. For members list please log on to http://www.circ.in/manag_comt.htm

2.3 Academic Council: A meeting of the Academic Council in physical is yet to take place, which could not be done due to non-availability of the majority of its members. This has been made up by apprising the members vide e-mail and personal discussions. A list comprising names of members of the Academic Council is available at http://www.circ.in/acad_council.htm


3.1 Financial Resources: Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance, Government of India, has been facilitating CUTS’ interaction with the World Bank New Delhi office. In response to a formal request the World Bank has communicated to DEA its resolve to support CIRC. The support will be meant for (i) preparation of a detailed business plan and part of the set up cost; and (ii) fund the operation of CIRC.

Discussions are on with several other agencies as well, who will soon be approached formally for the support.

Government of Rajasthan continues to uphold its support to CIRC. However, in line with the prevailing policies, the Government has regretted granting a concession to CUTS on the price of the piece of land that the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has allotted to build the CIRC Campus.


4.1 Visiting Faculty: Visiting Faculty has been freezed at 30 members and these members have been contributing actively in the activities of CIRC. Some of them participated in the training workshops and Academic Lectures organised during this period. Member list of the Visiting Faculty is available at: http://www.circ.in/visit-fac.htm

4.2 Course Development: Training workshops have been planned and organised on subjects Competition Policy and Law, Economic Regulation and Commercial Diplomacy. As the next step, certified and diploma courses will be inducted. The first year is dedicated to organising short courses and seminars. After having gathered relevant expertise and established itself, CIRC will introduce short online courses on the subjects.

4.3 Tie Ups and Affiliations: CIRC is progressing well with respect to collaborations as tying up with renowned institutes/universities is of utmost importance at this juncture. These collaborations are based on mutual understanding where the contributions would be based on respective strengths. The scope of cooperation includes: assistance in organising workshops, internships and training; providing faculty and research support; developing and executing syllabi and study material etc.

Following are the names of organisations with whom CIRC has concluded MoUs:

  • British Institute of International & Comparative Law (BIICL)

  • The Institute for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy (ITCD)

  • Indian Institute for Foreign Trade (IIFT)

  • American Antitrust Institute (AAI)

Please click on the link for details of affiliations: http://circ.in/links.htm

Further to that, discussions are on with several other organisations to secure collaboration. Some of them are:

  • Australian Centre of Regulatory Economics (ACORE), ANU;

  • Fordham School of Law;


  • Regulatory Policy Institute (RPI);

  • Loyola University Chicago School of Law;

  • Forum of Indian Regulators (FOIR);


5.1 Website - www.circ.in

The CIRC web site was launched on January 18, 2006. It is updated in unison with the activities that are happening at CIRC and offers complete information. CIRC aims to engage a full time web developer to maintain the web site.

5.2 Newsletter

Second issue of a Newsletter ‘CIRCular’ has been published. The Newsletter is published at a frequency of two months. Amongst other things, it carries special articles on the subject that CIRC covers. A copy can be downloaded by clicking on: http://www.circ.in/publication.htm

5.3 Marketing

To reach out to the target clientele CIRC uses multiple mediums. Some of them are:

  • Internet Advertising and e-mailing to clientele as stored in database

  • Web Bulletin Board

  • Write-ups and discussion forums

  • Collateral: Brochure, Inserts, event specific fliers, nomadic stand etc

  • Press/News Release

  • Advertisements in Newspapers

5.4 CIRC in Media

Publicity can play a big part in the success of any good marketing/advertising campaign, even without hiring a professional PR firm. Budding organisations and businesses find press coverage a better, reasonable and affordable approach. Media is told about the organisation, its history, its upcoming events and newsworthy team members. Events of  CIRC are also covered up in the media. All events are announced in the newspaper as a promotional tool. The first academic lecture by Eleanor Fox which kick started the activities of CIRC with the launch of the web site by Dr. C. Rangarajan was given media coverage. An interactive seminar organised by CIRC on May 13, 2006 and the public lecture organised on May 15, 2006 at Mumbai were all announced in the press. For details on CIRC in Media please click: http://circ.in/media.htm

5. 5 Major Activities held/planned

5.5.1 Academic Lecture Series (ALS): So far CIRC has organised three Academic Lectures on issues of Competition. They are as follows:

ALS.01 - January 18, 2006, New Delhi on “Capacity Building for The Indian Competition Regime with focus on Abuse of Dominance” addressed by Eleanor Fox, Walter J. Derenberg Professor, New York University School of Law. Participation was from ministries (bureaucrats), MPs, senior representatives of high commission/ embassies, academia, lawyers.

For more please visit: http://circ.in/er-ALSCP01.htm

ALS.02 - May 15, 2006 New Delhi on “Relationship of Competition Regulation Policy and Administration” by Professor Allan Fels, Dean, Australia & New Zealand School of Government, Australia. Though, Allan Fels missed the flight, he could not be physically present for the lecture but the papers and presentation are available on the web site at the given link: http://circ.in/er_ALS02.htm

ALS.03-May 15, 2006, Mumbai on “Competition Law and issues relating to Intellectual Property” by Richard Whish, Professor of Law, King’s College London. Participation was up to 150 in number consisting of lawyers, corporate personnel and academicians.

Detailed report on the event is available at: http://circ.in/er15may06.htm

5.5.2 Training Seminars on Competition Policy and Law: CIRC has so far organised four Training Seminars on Competition Policy & Law (CPS). The duration of these seminars varied from half a day to five days. A combination of Indian and international resource persons have contributed to the seminars.

The first five-day seminar (CPS.01) was organised at Hotel Qutub, New Delhi on March 20-24, 2006. It had several eminent competition experts and economists from India and abroad. R Shyam Khemani, Advisor, Competition Policy Private Sector Development - Vice Presidency, The World Bank Group, Washington D.C.; John Preston, Competition Policy Consultant, Private Sector Policy Department, DFID, London; Francois Souty, Charge de Mission, Affaires Multilaterals, Conseil de la Concurrence, Paris, were some of them who addressed the sessions. The seminar  attracted international participation from countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Muscat, Thailand, Singapore, Mauritius along with representatives from the central government, multinational corporates, regulators, civil society organizations and academia.

For more on the seminar log on to: http://circ.in/er20mar06.htm

The second seminar (CPS.02) was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the Ethiopian Competition Authority organised in collaboration with Trade Practices Investigation Commission, and Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ethiopia. Enlisted are some among the renowned resource persons that were a part of this event. They are: John Preston, Competition Policy Consultant, Private Sector Policy Department, DFID, London; Zablon Kahura, Deputy Commissioner, Monopolies and Prices Commission, Kenya; Thulasoni Kaira, Director (Mergers & Acquisitions), Zambia Competition Commission, Zambia. Participants for the seminar comprised largely from officials of the Trade Practices Investigation Commission and also officials from other related government departments.

Read more on the event at: http://circ.in/er29mar06.htm

The third seminar (CPS.03) solely concentrated on the theme of ‘Competition Law of India with focus on International Cartels'. It was a half-day interactive session which had Richard Whish, Professor of Law, King’s College London and Pradeep S Mehta, Secretary General, CUTS International as speakers. The law fraternity participated in the event.

For details on the event please visit the link: http://www.circ.in/er13may06.htm

5.5.3 Events Planned:

CIRC has another seminar of Competition Policy & Law (CPS.04) lined up for June 29-July 1, 2006 in Bangkok. It is being organised jointly by CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition, India; Foundation for Effective Markets and Governance (FEMAG), Australia; International Network of Civil Society Organisations on Competition (INCSOC), India; Board of Trade (BOT), Thailand; and The Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT). A few on the faculty would be: Patrick Krauskopf, Director, Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO); Sitesh Bhojani, Barrister & Consultant, former Commissioner of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC); and Deunden Nikomborirak, Research Director, Economic Governance, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI). Participation would be from members of BOT, Business and Industry, Lawyers and Academicians, NGOs, Government Officials and Regulatory Agencies.

First workshop on Commercial Diplomacy is also planned on the same dates of June 28-July 1, 2006 at New Delhi.  This is also being organised collaboratively between CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition, India; Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, India and Institute for Trade & Commercial Diplomacy, USA. Geza Feketekuty, President Institute for Trade & Commercial Diplomacy, USA; Kishan Rana, Former Ambassador of India, and Trustee, Diplodialogue, Switzerland; Prof. Om Gupta, Dean, Jagannath Institute of Communication and Design are some among the distinguished speakers for the event.

The fourth in series of academic lectures but first on Commercial Diplomacy is set for July 4, 2006 in New Delhi. The topic covered would be -

“Trade Policy Making and Multistakeholder Diplomacy” by Raymond Saner and Lichia Yiu. Participation would be from ministries (bureaucrats), MPs, senior representatives of high commission/ embassies, academia, and lawyers.

5.5.4 Tentative Calendar of Events: A proposed Calendar planning events up till the beginning of the year 2008 has been drafted on the basis of which, the programmes for the year will be designed. These will be executed within India and abroad also.

Annexure 1

Tentative Calendar of Events, 2008*

S No.





Training Programme on Competition Policy & Law

Second quarter, 2008



Series of four Training Programmes on Public Private Partnerships for Railways


New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai

* This is subject to change, please check for updates on our website: www.circ.in