Round Table Discussion on “Public-Private Partnerships for Developing Social Sector Infrastructure 
August 28th 2019 | Shriram Hall, PHDCCI, New Delhi.  Agenda  Proceedings Report  
Innovative Financing For Sustainable Infrastructure Development Through Public-Private Partnership-Round Table Discussion 
November 14th 2018 | IIC, New Delhi.  Agenda   Proceedings Report
World Competition Day 2017, Theme: ‘Re-imagining Competition Policy and Law in the Era of Disruption’” 
December 5th, 2017, India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi, India.  Press Release
“Major Trends in Global Enforcement of International Cartels” Distinguished Lecture by Prof. John M. Connor 
March 1, 2017, India International Centre, New Delhi, India.  Download PPT       Press Release   
World Competition Day 2016, Theme: ‘Linkages between Competition and Intellectual Property’ 
5th December 2016, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India.
Roundtable Discussion on Growth of ICT Sector in India: Issues and Challenges pertaining to SEPs 
22nd August, 2016 -India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
CIRC Event on session on People first Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) for achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs), during the 14th session of UNCTAD. 
19th July, 2016 . Nairobi, Kenya.
Seminar on Regional Electricity Cooperation and Trade in South Asia
27th June , 2016-India Habitat Center, New Delhi
Promoting Innovation and Competition for Efficient Use of Intellectual Property in India (Comp-IP Programme)
11th March , 2016-New Delhi
World Competition Day Celebration, Theme: ‘Competition Issue in Public Procurement’ 
5th December 2015, YMCA, New Delhi, India. Press Release
Seminar on E-Businesses in India: Issues and Challenges 
26th June, 2015 : India International Centre, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi, India.
Award Ceremony-CIRC Essay Writing Contest, 2015 
26th June, 2015 : India International Centre, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi, India.CIRC-RILMM Training programme on PPP 
19-20 January, 2015 : Amaltas Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India.
3 Day Workshop on “Tariff Fixation Process in the Electricity Sector” 
18th-20th December, 2014,The Mouse Sarovar Portico, New Delhi, India.
World Competition Day Competition Issues in Public Procurement 
5th December, 2014, New Delhi.
In-Service Training Programme on Public Procurement 
10th – 14th November, 2014,India International Centre, New Delhi.
Panel Discussion Competition Issues in Health & Pharma Sector in India. 
25th September, 2014,YMCA, New Delhi.
CIRC and RMCS, Mumbai 3 day Workshop on “Legal Literacy and Legal Aspects of Power Sector” for Professionals Working in Power Sector. 
18th-20th September 2014, New Delhi.
CIRC and IRILMM organise 2-days Workshop on Competition Law – “Combating Anti-competitive Practices and enhancing Competition in Public Procurement” 
08-09 September 2014, New Delhi.
CIRC & SSE – Faculty Development Programme on Law & Economics of Competition
21st August 2014, Pune.
Round Table on Children’s Online Safety
5th August, 2014, YMCA, New Delhi
Essay Competition Award Ceremony 
16 July, 2014
Three Day Workshop on Annual Revenue Requirement (ARR) and Annual Performance Review (APR)
26 – 28 June, 2014, New Delhi
Workshop on Competition Law Compliance
18-19 April, 2014
National Lavel Essay Competition – 2014
15 January – 31 March, 2014
CIRC Faculty development Programme on Competition Law
November 19, 2013,  New Delhi
3rd Biennial International Conference on “Competition Reforms: Emerging Challenges in a Globalising World”
November 18-19, 2013,  New Delhi
CIRC conducts trainings on Competition Law for Malaysia Competition Commission
June  08-09, 2013, Malaysia  Presentations   Pictures
CIRC, CyberSecurity Malaysia and PAGE organised seminar to protect Malaysian students from cloud computing privacy intrusions and commercial exploitation
June 07, 2013, Malaysia
Special Academic Lecture on “Convergences and Divergences of Competition Laws across jurisdictions – EU, US and others”  – Dr. Eleanor M Fox, New York University School of Law
March 02, 2013, India International Centre, New Delhi
Training Programmes on Competition Policy & Law Implemented by CUTS & CIRC in India and Other Developing Countries. 
Competition Law Workshop for Marketing Professionals
July  06, 2012, India International Centre, New Delhi – 
Competition Law Workshop for Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs)
April  27, 2012, India International Centre, New Delhi – 
Launch of Course on “Competition Policy & Law” & Panel Discussion on “Building Capacity for an Effective Competition Regime in India”
December 19, 2011, Magnolia Hall, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi – 
Conference on Building “Friends of Competition” in India
November 24, 2011, New Delhi, India  
–  Agenda 
Presentations and Papers
Seminar on “Regulating Online Markets in India”
November 11, 2011, New Delhi, India
SME Vulnerability & Resilience in the Online Economy
November 10, 2011, Mumbai, India
International Conference on Reviewing the Global Experience with 
Economic Regulation
 A Forward Looking Perspective
April 18-20, 2011, New Delhi, India
Competition Law Workshop for Marketing Professionals
Understanding Legal Boundaries and Facing Competition
March 11, 2011, New Delhi, India
Interactive Meeting on Activating Open Access in Electricity Sector
January 07, 2011, Yojana Bhawan, New Delhi, India
GTZ-DoCA Project on Training of Consumer Advice Staff
May 03-08, 2010, Bhopal, India
GTZ-DoCA Project on Training of Consumer Advice Staff
April 26-May 01, 2010, Bhubaneswar India

International Conference Interface between Competition Policy & Law and Business Strategy
New Delhi, 25-26 November, 2009 
–  Agenda
–  Backgrounder
–  Application Form
Training Programme on Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy and Safeguard Measures
October 08-10, 2009, Mumbai, India
–  Agenda
–  Application Form
–  Report
Achieving Inclusive Growth through Better Infrastructure Regulation
17 July, 2009
Regulation, Competition and Consumer Protection Issues in the Electricity Sector in India 
May 18-21, 2009, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh
–   Agenda
–  Report
Anti-Dumping and Safeguard Measures
April 23-25, 2009,  New Delhi, India –  Report
The Political Economy of Regulation in India-What do we need to do?
March 28, 2009, New Delhi, India
Training Programme for SERC Officials on ConsumerProtection Issues
February 16-20, 2009,  New Delhi, India

Training Workshop On Competition Enforcement For Ethiopia  (CPS.06)
May 12-16, 2008, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Strengthening Skills on Commercial & Economic Diplomacy  (CDS.04)
January 9-12, 2008, Jaipur, India 

Developing Skills on Commercial and Economic Diplomacy  (CDS.03)
October 22-26, 2007, Jaipur, India
Building Skills on Commercial and Economic Diplomacy  (CDS.02)
August 22-25,2007, Jaipur, India
Political Economy Constraints in Regulatory Regimes in Developing Countries-A Research Symposium
March 22-24, 2007, New Delhi, India
Seminar on Experiences of Competition Law from Around the World  (CPS.07)
March 21, 2007, New Delhi, India
Regional Training Workshop on Competition Policy and Law  (CPS.05)  
February 15-17, 2007, Pretoria, South Africa

Training Workshop on Competition Policy and Law  (CPS.04)
June 29-July 01, 2006, Bangkok, Thailand
Training Workshop on Diplomacy in International Trade  (CDS.01)
June 28–July 1, 2006 , New Delhi, India
Interactive Session on Competition Law  (CPS.03)
May 13, 2006, New Delhi,
Two-day Training workshop on “Competition Policy & Law” for the Ethiopian Competition Authority  (CPS.02)
March 29-30, 2006, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Five-day Training workshop on Competition Policy & Law  (CPS.01)
March 20-24, 2006, New Delhi

Academic Lectures 2009
A Public Lecture on “Interface between the Indian Competition Act 2002 and the IPR Laws in India”
– New Delhi, India, 29 May, 2009– 
Academic Lectures 2008
“How India should deal with Abuse of Dominance and Cartel Busting – Experiences from Across the Globe  (ALS.09)
July 07, 2008, New Delhi 
Academic Lectures 2007
Academic Lecture on ‘Current State of the Doha Round of Negotiations’ by Prof. Ahmed Farouk Ghoneim  (ALS.08)
October 26, 2007, Jaipur, India
Academic Lecture on “Competition Policy & Law” by Shri Surendra Kanstiya (ALS.07)
April 18, 2007, Mumbai, India 
Academic Lectures 2006
Academic Lecture on “Competition Policy & Law in a Liberalising Economy” by Mr. H.D. Pithawalla  (ALS.06)
December 07, 2006, Mumbai, India
Academic Lecture on “Evolution of Competition Law with respect to India” by Pradeep S Mehta  (ALS.05) August 26, 2006, Kolkata, India
Academic Lecture on ‘Trade Policy Making and Multistakeholder Diplomacy’ by Dr Raymond Saner & Dr Lichia Yiu  (ALS.04)
July 04, 2006, New Delhi, India
Academic Lecture by Richard Whish  (ALS.03)
May 15, 2006, Mumbai, India
Academic Lecture on ‘The Relationship of Competition, Regulation Policy and Administration’ by Allan Fels  (ALS.02)
May 15, 2006, New Delhi, India
Academic Lecture Series on ‘Capacity Building on Competition Law’ By Eleanor M. Fox  (ALS.01)
January 18, 2006, New Delhi
Infrastructure Regulation 2009
Developing Infrastructure through an Ideal Regulatory Framework
January 16, 2009, New Delhi, India 

Miscellaneous 2008
Parliamentarians’ Panel Discussion on “The Political Economy of Regulation in India — What do we need to do”  
March 31, 2008, New Delhi

Miscellaneous 2007
Panel Discussion on “The Political Economy of Regulation in India – What do we need to do”, followed by report releases, “Competition  and Regulation in India, 2007”
October 16 ,2007, Mumbai
Political Economy Constraints In Regulatory Regimes In Developing Countries– A Research Symposium
March 22-24, 2007, New Delhi, India