CIRC in MEDIA - July 2008

Lifting India's competitive spirit

Business Line, July 22, 2008

By B. S. Raghavan

According to a survey conducted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) (published in The Hindu, of July 15), India has been placed in the 41st position in competitiveness among 100 countries, even lower than Thailand, Malta, Mexico and Malaysia. The top 15 are Singapore, Ireland, Switzerland, Japan, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, France, the US, Hong Kong, Austria and Slovenia, in that order. The yardsticks used to measure competitiveness were the ability to produce export quality goods competitively, and make more advanced products, thereby moving into more dynamic areas of export growth, "keeping abreast of changing technologies as well as the intensity of industrialisation, which is the share of manufacturing value added in GDP".