E-commerce’s Liability Conundrum: Calls for Greater Collaboration between all Stakeholders

Financial Express, May 30, 2022

By Arvind Mayaram and Garima Sodhi

Amidst the outcry over the economic decline during the Covid-19 pandemic, one industry that not just survived but thrived, exhibiting an unprecedented growth, is e-commerce. Even after the physical shops have opened, the e-commerce sector in India is predicted to grow impressively at 21.5% in 2022. This wouldn’t have been possible without consumers trusting the online mode of shopping to get the right product they were looking for. CIRC in its survey to understand the consumer perception of product trust and establishing the best practices that can help small businesses to attract more business volumes, discovered that consumers categorise receiving a fake/counterfeit product, a damaged product, and an expired product as factors impacting product trust. So, if a consumer does not receive the right product from their online shopping, who is liable for it?