India Competition and Regulation Report (ICRR 2021)


ICRR 2021 – Synopsis

CUTS Centre for Competition, Investment and Economic Regulation (C-CIER) and CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition (CIRC) have been publishing India Competition and Regulation Report (ICRR), a report on the state of competition and regulation in India every second year since 2007.

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck havoc on the economy at large, digital businesses provided much needed services to consumers. As economies move towards building a robust post-COVID recovery, the eighth edition of the ICRR is dedicated to the digital economy with the theme of ‘Towards Inclusive Digital Economy in a post-Covid era’.

The Report contains a total of 9 chapters. The first chapter takes ‘An Overview’ of the competition and regulatory developments in India. The chapter on Perception and Awareness Reporting provides the perspectives of consumers and business on the digital economy. Further, the report contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1:

An Overview

Chapter 2:

Perception and Awareness Reporting

Chapter 3:

Contours of Competition Policy in the Digital Economy

Chapter 4:

Artificial Intelligence and Tacit Algorithmic Collusions

Chapter 5:

Regulatory Challenges for Developing Countries in the Digital Space

Chapter 6:

Emerging Concerns about the E-Commerce Ecosystem in India in the Evolving Digital Economy

Chapter 7:

Enabling Universal Access to Health and Education using Digital Means in post-COVID India

Chapter 8:

Evolution of the Privacy Regime in India: Issues, Concerns and the Way Forward

Chapter 9: