India Competition and Regulation Report (ICRR 2015)


ICRR 2015 – Synopsis

CUTS Centre for Competition, Investment and Economic Regulation (CUTS C-CIER) has undertaken the project on India Competition and Regulation Report (ICRR) against the background that while India has embraced market-oriented economic reforms, there is, as yet, no periodic review to assess functioning of markets in the country. This is desirable given the existence of distortions in economic management of the country that impede realisation of competitive outcomes. Considering the important role of market forces in a liberalised economic regime, there is a need to do periodic assessment of competition and regulation scenario in the country. ICRR is an attempt to fill this vacuum. It would highlight various distortions in economic management of the country and provide inputs on a periodic basis to policy community as well as other stakeholders for taking necessary actions to promote well-functioning markets.

The current edition, due to be released in December, 2015, covers four areas-Highways, Broadcasting, Higher education and Banking. Apart from this, it would include few cross cutting chapters as well. It would emphasis on quality and design of regulation with emphasis on accountability issues and emphasis on several competition distortions as well as regulatory hurdles in these sectors. It would be guided by a group of experts (specialised in respective sectors)-the National Reference Group that would assess the implementation of the project and provide further contribution and guidance.

The report contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1:

An Overview

Chapter 2:

Perception and Awareness Reporting

Chapter 3:

Independence and Competence of Regulatory Institutions: Select Cases from India

Chapter 4:

Bringing Back Competition in Multilateral Trade Discussions

Chapter 5:

Regulation in Developing Countries: Growing Pains of the Indian Merger Review Regime

Chapter 6:

Competition and Regulation in Higher Education in India

Chapter 7:

Competition and Regulation in Highways Sector in India

Chapter 8:

Competition and Regulatory Issues in Banking Sector in India with a Focus on Bank Licencing

Chapter 9:

Competition and Regulation in Broadcasting

Chapter 10: