4th Progress Report as on December 31, 2006






This is the fifth progress report that provides a summary of developments at CIRC between the period September to December 2006 and the events planned for the future.

With the year 2006 drawing to a close, CIRC is looking back at the range of activities that it conducted in the first year of its inception and is analysing and taking stock of all that has happened and all that remains to be done. In this period, CIRC has also planned a lot of activities, which are further discussed in this report. Till date, five training seminars and five academic lectures have been organised on the core activity areas of CIRC. The activities proposed include training seminars, public lectures, a research symposium and short-term online courses which will be organised pan India and also beyond the national boundaries. CIRC is also planning to conduct a series of workshops especially designed for government officials at various levels on the stream of Commercial Diplomacy. Other than this, a high level seminar would be conducted on Economic Regulation in the Electricity Sector. These have been discussed later in the report. For updates please visit: http://www.circ.in/about.aspx


2.1 Governing Council: The second meeting of the Governing Council will be organised on March 22, 2007 at New Delhi. Advance notice to all the members has been sent and confirmation has been received from many. The agenda and other details for the meeting would be sent in due course. Meanwhile, the members are constantly kept abreast of the activities and developments. The first Governing Council meeting was held on September 9, 2005 at New Delhi.

For constitution of the 18-member Governing Council please log on to http://www.circ.in/govrn_council.aspx

2.2 Managing Committee: The fourth Managing Committee meeting was due in December but it has been postponed till January, 2007. The learnings/suggestions of the previous meetings are being kept in mind while planning ahead for CIRC. Suggestions like targeting the Rajya Sabha (RS) Members of Parliament (MPs) for funding under Member of Parliament Local Area Development scheme (MPLAD), support from Corporate Houses, etc are being followed and worked upon.

For members’ list please log on to http://www.circ.in/manag_comt.aspx

2.3 Academic Council: A physical meeting of the Academic Council is yet to take place, which could not be done due to non-availability of the majority of its members. This has been made up by apprising the members vide e-mail and personal discussions. The Academic Council members are kept involved as faculty for the events organised by CIRC.

A list comprising names of members of the Academic Council is available at http://www.circ.in/acad_council.htm

2.3 Academic Council: A meeting of the Academic Council in physical is yet to take place, which could not be done due to non-availability of the majority of its members. This has been made up by apprising the members vide e-mail and personal discussions. Some of the Academic Council members have been participating in training workshops as resource persons.

A list comprising names of members of the Academic Council is available at http://www.circ.in/acad_council.htm


3.1 Financial Resources:

  •    Department of Economic Affairs (DEA), Ministry of Finance,        Government of India, has been facilitating CUTS’ interaction with the World Bank New Delhi office. In response to a formal request, the World Bank has communicated to DEA its resolve to support CIRC. The support will be meant for (i) preparation of a detailed business plan and part of the set up cost; and (ii) fund the operation of CIRC.

  •      The Secretary (Finance), Ministry of Finance, Government of India had written to the State Government to send a request to the Planning Commission for a one-time grant under Additional Central Assistance in the next financial year. We are in constant touch with the office of the Chief Minister (CM), Rajasthan. The matter is under submission with the CM.

  •      Discussions are on with several other agencies as well, which will soon be approached formally for support.

  •      Letters for support have been sent out to a list of corporate houses, which is being pursued on a continuous basis.

  •      Letters have also been sent out to all Rajya Sabha MPs (Rajasthan) for seeking support under the MPLAD Scheme. Letters for support have also been sent to Nominated Members of Rajya Sabha. Interest has been expressed by some, which is being followed up.

  •       Government of Rajasthan continues to uphold its support to CIRC. Granting a concession to CUTS on the price of the piece of land that the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has allotted to build the CIRC Campus is under consideration.


4.1 Visiting Faculty: The Visiting Faculty members are kept involved in the activities of CIRC by constantly being made a part of the training seminars and academic lectures. Some of them participated in the training workshops and Academic Lectures organised during this period.

List of the Visiting Faculty is available at: http://www.circ.in/visit-fac.htm 

4.2 Course Development: Training workshops have been planned and organised on the core activity areas of Competition Policy and Law, Economic Regulation and Commercial Diplomacy.

  • Discussions are going on with Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)/Forum of Regulators (FOR) and the Department of Power for organising a high-level two-day seminar for officials (chairman, secretary level). The seminar is due on March 25-26, 2007.

  • As the next step, certified and diploma courses will be introduced. The first year is dedicated to organising short courses and seminars. After having gathered relevant expertise and established itself, CIRC had targeted to initiate by year 2007 its short-term online courses on the core activity areas. Process has been initiated along these lines, wherein data has been collated from various sources and a framework is being prepared for the same.

  • A three-month training course for the private sector is being developed as part of this course development. This course is on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and would be a certificate course, which would be both, online and contact.

  • Training Workshops would be organised for government officials (Railways) on PPPs outside the country. This would be done with the help of Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd. (IDFC). Preliminary preparations have started for this.

4.3 Tie Ups and Affiliations:

  • The World Trade Centre (WTC), Mumbai was approached to work jointly with CIRC, and CIRC has conducted one public lecture on Competition Policy & Law (ALS.06) where Shri Homer Pithwalla spoke on competition related issues.

  • The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has come along with CIRC to work on an event-to-event basis. One public lecture was organised in August, 2006 at Kolkatta which has been mentioned in the fourth progress report. The public lecture with Shri Homer Pithwalla at Mumbai on December 7, 2006 was jointly done by CIRC, WTC and ICSI, Mumbai.

The status for long-term collaborations is the same as reported in the earlier reports. Their names are listed below to keep ourselves updated and also to reflect that CIRC has and will be organising events with them.

  • Institute for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy (ITCD);

  • British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL);

  • American Antitrust Institute (AAI).

Discussions are on with several other organisations to secure collaboration, either on a long-term basis or project-to-project basis. They are:

  • Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation (IDFC): Certificate courses and workshops on PPPs would be organised with IDFC’s support. Planning has started for the same.

  • Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa (TRAPCA): They have shown interest in collaborating with CIRC and an MoU has been sent.

  • Australian Centre of Regulatory Economics (ACORE), Australian National University (ANU);

  • Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC)/Forum of Regulators (FOR): for conducting two-day high level Electricity Seminar

  • Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa (TRALAC)

  • Regulatory Policy Institute (RPI);

  • Loyola University Chicago School of Law;

  • The Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC)


5.1 Website - www.circ.in

The web site is being updated from time to time to reflect the activities taking place. CIRC aims to engage a full time web developer to maintain the web site. The website has been linked to various search engines. For starting online courses the IT Department has initiated action keeping in mind the target as 2007.

5.2 Newsletter - CIRCular

Volume 2, Issue 03 of ‘CIRCular’ has been published. The Newsletter so far was published at a frequency of two months but from now onwards it would be quarterly. It carries special articles on the subject that CIRC covers, along with other news pieces.  

The issues can be read and downloaded at http://www.circ.in/publication.htm 

5.3 Marketing - To reach out to the target clientele CIRC uses multiple mediums. Some of them are:

Internet Advertising and E-mailing to clientele as per the database

Each issue of the newsletter is e-mailed to the list in the database. The database contains CIRC’s target clientele.

Write-ups and discussion forums: Write-ups have been sent to Learning Curve, Economic Times. ET Knowledge Curve is also being explored.

The CIRC-Forum, which has been designed and used as a platform to spread information about CIRC is kept alive by way of postings and announcements of events that it is conducting. Drawing from real life examples, the forum offers a platform to inform various clients about the relevance of the capacity building solutions offered by CIRC. The members of this forum include CIRC’s target clientele i.e. civil servants, staff of regulatory bodies, civil society organisations, researchers, professionals and business. Other than this, the participants of various CIRC workshops and events are also included as members of this forum.

Registration in the group can be made at: CIRC-Forum-subscribe@yahoogroups.com 

Collateral: Brochure, Inserts, event specific fliers, nomadic stand etc

Event specific fliers are designed as per the event requirement. Event-specific fliers and E-templates are sent to the clientele for promoting the event and gaining participation. Nomadic stand for CIRC has also been designed and is used during the various events organised. The brochure is being kept on hold as CIRC is waiting for some more tie-ups to take place.

Press/News Release: Press releases are also made prior to the events as a marketing tool. The various press releases can be viewed at the following link: http://circ.in/media.aspx 

5. 4 Major Activities

5.4.1 Academic Lecture Series (ALS): The fourth progress report of CIRC which covers events up till August 31, 2006 covers two Academic Lectures on the core streams of CIRC. The period from September till December 2006 has been a period of preparation for some major forthcoming events, which would be discussed later in the report. This period had one public lecture which was held on December 7, 2006.

ALS.06-December 7, 2006, Mumbai on ‘Competition Policy and Law in a Liberalising Economy’ by Mr. H.D. Pithawalla, an eminent Advocate, Supreme Court of India. The lecture was organised at World Trade Centre, jointly by CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition, Institute of Company Secretaries of India – Centre for Corporate Training & Research and World Trade Centre, Mumbai. It aimed at generating public awareness on various issues relating to Competition Policy and Law.

For presentation and press release please visit: http://circ.in/ALS-06.htm

5.4.2 Training Seminars

CIRC has so far organised four Training Seminars on Competition Policy & Law (CPS) and one on Commercial Diplomacy. The duration of these seminars varied from half a day to five days. A combination of Indian and international resource persons have contributed to the seminars, which have already been discussed in the previous reports.

For a recap on the events held so far, please visit: http://circ.in/event-archives.htm

5.5 Events Planned:

As CIRC would roll up its sleeves to greet the New Year 2007, a whole lot of activities are on hand. They are as follows:

  • A regional training workshop on Competition Policy & Law (CPS.05) is being planned to be conducted in Africa (Pretoria/Johannesburg). Discussions are on with the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD), Johannesburg.

  • One-day seminar on Competition Law is planned to be held on March 21, 2007, New Delhi, which would have noted Competition Experts partake in this event.

  • An international symposium entitled "Political Economy Constraints in Regulatory Regimes in Developing Countries" is being organised under the aegis of CIRC and CUTS Centre for Competition, Investment & Economic Regulation (C-CIER) on 22-24th March 2007 in Delhi, India. The symposium is being organised as part of a research programme entitled “Competition, Regulation and Development Research Forum”. The research programme was initiated against the background that, in the developing world, there is most often a gap between policy and implementation due to various political economy and socio-cultural factors. In order to address these policy relevant gaps, CUTS has envisioned this programme to undertake research and deliberate on substantive issues concerning implementation of competition and regulatory regimes in the developing world. The programme is funded by DFID and IDRC.

  • Two-day event for high-level officials (chairmen, secretaries) of Indian Electricity Regulators, along with CERC/FOR, India, and Department of Power, Government of India as mentioned earlier in the report. This event would be held on March 25-26, 2007.

  • A series of workshops on Commercial Diplomacy are planned from June 2007 onwards for the government officials at different levels. For this we have received a tentative approval of Rs. 40 Lac from the Department of Commerce to conduct workshops in the first year. 

The tentative calendar is annexed at Annexure 1.

Annexure 1

Sr. No.



February, 07




March, 07

New Delhi



March, 07




April, 07




May, 07




June, 07



CPS.07 (Railways)

July, 07




Oct-Dec, 07

New Delhi



December, 07




January, 08




May, 08

New Delhi



June, 08


  • Competition Policy & Law Seminar (CPS)

  • Regulatory Policy Seminar (RPS)

  • Commercial Diplomacy Seminar (CDS)

  • Academic Lecture Series (ALS)

    * This is subject to change. Please check for updates