The officers have expressed their satisfaction with the relevance of the training and the experience and education materials gained through various lectures held by experts would be very beneficial to their posts in the commission.
The commission hopes that the course will be a regular annual event so that other colleagues will also benefit from this valuable experience.

Mr. Georges Tirant | Chief Executive Officer, Fair Trading Commission, Seychelles

I have received a very positive feedback on the training from the officer. She told me that the level is excellent. I hope that the programme is repeated again.

Mrs. Kiran Nandinee Meetarbhan | Competition Commission of Mauritius

The course represented a treasure trove of knowledge, experience sharing and practical skills for our authority (and developing competition agencies) and this is, by far, one of the best courses on Competition Law that I have attended.

Our investigative officer, should they be given the chance to attend the ITEC- SCAAP CUTS-NLUD training in the forthcoming years, stand to greatly benefit (both professionally and personally) from such qualitative training. I truly and sincerely hope that the above course will be a recurring project that is set to become a benchmark of Competition Law and Policy the world over.

Ms. Noor Jahan Bibi Wardah Eydatoulah | Investigator, Competition Commission of Mauritius

This Course was Amazing.

Ms. Taimi Amunkete | Senior Researcher; Namibian Competition Commission

Thank you CUTS and CIRC for a wonderful training. Much Appreciated. We will always remember that Competition Policy and Law is not a sprint but rather a marathon.

Mr. Othusitse Daniel Oletile | Analyst, Competition Authority, Botswana

It was indeed a valuable learning experience and we are all very grateful for your excellent hosting.

Ms. Taimi Amunkete | Senior Researcher, Namibian Competition Commission

Many thanks to the presenters for their invaluable material and time. We had a wonderful time and are more learned in the field. Looking forward for further interactions, information sharing and participation in similar courses.

Ms. Martha Ettah Kaukonde | Legal Officer, Competition and Fair Trading Commission, Malawi

I really did learn a lot and believe I will put it to use for the good of Uganda.

Ms. Ritah Elizabeth Auma | Cooperative Officer, Uganda

We will definitely use the knowledge imparted and the forum created to the benefit of our countries and Africa.

Mrs. Thelma Mwai Musonda | Research Analyst, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, Zambia

Thank you for such a great learning and networking opportunity.

Mr. Thobisa Simelane | Junior Investigator, Swaziland Competition Commission, Swaziland

Thank you (and everyone else who was involved) for organising the whole ITEC- CIRC programme in a manner that you did, and for giving me an opportunity to be a part of it and learn so much. The knowledge imparted will take as far and we will forever be thankful.

Mrs. Thelma Mwai Musonda | Research Analyst, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, Zambia