Over the last few years, several developing countries have adopted competition law. Some others which already had such a law have either adopted a new law or made substantial amendments to the existing one as a part of their market-oriented economic reforms. However, proper implementation of the law remains a major challenge in most developing countries. Nevertheless, it is expected that in most such countries, it will be implemented in a vigorous manner in the time to come.

It is thus important that different stakeholders understand the relevant issues better. The business and their associations need to understand as they need to cope with the new law and failure to comply with it can prove costly. The government officials, regulators and representatives of such other agencies need to understand them, as that is essential for proper implementation of the law. The civil society organisations, academia and media also need to understand the issues as they have a significant role to play in ensuring that the law is implemented equitably where concerns of all stakeholders are addressed.

However, current level of understanding of all stakeholder groups on the relevant issues is less than adequate. Considering this, CUTS Institute of Regulation and Competition (CIRC), a recent venture of Consumer Unity and Trust Society, Jaipur, is offering this programme which will be useful for all these groups.

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