Competition Law Workshop for Marketing Professionals

Who should attend?
Senior and middle-level executives in marketing and other commercial functions, who are concerned with corporate strategy and market-facing decisions.

What you gain?
Through the workshop the participants will develops the
i) understanding of competition law and its impact on / relationship with marketing activities/decisions;
ii) ability to identify anti-competitive conducts at market place;
Iii) understanding of competition law compliant marketing decisions, and
iv) preparedness in responding to specific competition issues. Also, the participants will get a compilation of competition cases and industries papers along with a toolkit, authored by eminent competition expert, Mr. Pradeep S Mehta, on Competition Law in India

To Register:
Only 30 participants will be admitted in the workshop, on first come first serve basis. Interested professionals/companies may register themselves / nominate executives for the workshop, as per the details mentioned overleaf. The registration fee includes a copy of resource material, competition law toolkit, workshop lunch and tea.

Competition Law for Marketing Professionals

Why a marketing staff needs to know competition law?
Marketing staff drive sales & revenue and face competition most directly in a market. They take market facing decisions related to product, pricing and sales and distribution. Being closest to the market they act as “market sensors” for a company while countering competition in the market, they must remain compliant vis-à-vistheir own conduct.

Since the enforcement of Indian Competition Act, 2002 (as amended) in 2009, there has been an alarming increase in the number of infringement cases across the industries. Thus, companies are required to develop a competition law compliant culture and see all competitive decisions through the lenses of competition law. Effective response to competition related challenges does not just rest on the legal team’s understanding of the competition issues, but on all company departments, and especially on sales and marketing staff. They must understand what behaviour is in violation of law and what the legal consequences may be both for the company and for individuals

In a hyper competitive market, an improved understanding of competition law will be advantageous in not only identifying the anti-competitive conducts of the competitors but also to take competition law compliant decision. In a nutshell, through this workshop, the marketing professionals will develop understanding of (a) the relevant areas of competition law applicable in the field of marketing and (b) anti-competitive conducts of competitors and respond appropriately within the ambit of the Competition Act 2002.

About CIRC
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