Competition and Consumer

Training Programme for SERC Officials on Regulation, Competition and Consumer Protection Issues in the Electricity Sector in India

Independent regulation is a relatively new development in developing countries like India. The basic premise of independent regulation is that specialised agencies that are independent of influence from stakeholders can make decisions that are social welfare maximising. Such decisions result in competitive prices and efficient resource allocation; the aggregation of such decisions helps in maximising growth and investment. In the process a consistent regulatory environment that facilitates healthy competition is created.

Independent regulation essentially follows a consultative approach of decision-making. Regulatory decisions try to strike a balance among conflicting interests of various stakeholder groups. Therefore, quality of representations from stakeholders and capacity of regulators and their staff becomes crucial determinants of regulatory effectiveness.

Apart from building the capacity of practitioners it is important to create a pool of resource persons on economic regulation and related subjects consisting of consultants and academicians.

It is with this perspective that CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition ( is conducting a capacity building programme for SERC (state electricity regulatory commissions) personnel on regulation, competition and consumer protection issues in the electricity sector through this 4-day Programme.

Build the understanding and appreciation of the participants on issues relating to regulation, competition and consumer protection in the electricity sector in India Impart knowledge on theories of economic regulation and its application in the electricity sector

Resource kit for the Programme which can be replicated and modified for future programmes of this type Feedback analysis report

Improved understanding of the participants on the theory of economic regulation and its practical applications Capacity building of SERC officials to apply the knowledge gained to the current policy and regulatory environment in India

Officers from various SERCs dealing with the relevant policies and practices on electricity regulation in India