Selected social sector case studies from India.
November 5th 2022.

Comments on discussion paper on redesigning the REC mechanism by Ministry of Power.
July 14th 2021.

CIRC’s submission on Draft PPP policy 2020, Government of Rajasthan.
27th October 2020.

CIRC’s submission on Draft Electricity (Rights of Consumer) Rules 2020.
05th October 2020.

CIRC’s observations and comments On “Preserving the Sanctity of Contracts: The Case of Andhra Pradesh Renewable Energy Developers”.
11th September 2020.

CIRC’s Comments and Suggestions on draft CERC’s Power Market Regulations 2020.
17th August 2020.

Submission of Comments to Ministry of Power’s note for seeking comments on draft Electricity (Amendments) Bill 2020.
29th May 2020.

Submission of Comments to the NITI Aayog On Consultation Paper-Public Consultation on the Future of Mobility.
31st January 2018.

Joint Submission of comments by CIRC and CUTS on the Consultation Paper on Issues pertaining to Open Access by the Ministry of Power.
08th September 2017.

Joint Submission of Comments by CIRC and CUTS to UPERC on The Implementation of Single part tariff in Power Distribution.
March 01st, 2017.