Dr. Eleanor M Fox from New York University School of Law: 2nd March, 2013: New Delhi
A Special Academic Lecture on “Convergences and Divergences of Competition Laws across jurisdictions – EU, US and others” by the prominent antitrust and comparative competition law scholar – Dr. Eleanor M Fox from New York University School of Law was organized on Saturday, 2nd March in New Delhi. The lecture was attended by students of CIRC-NLUD Courses on Competition Policy and Law as well as Faculty members of the Courses.

The presentation made by Dr. Fox was a careful analysis of the Competition Law regimes in the U.S. and EU, encompassing the convergences and divergences in the laws and practices between the two jurisdictions. The interaction with Dr. Fox helped crystallize the understanding of the participants, of the competition law practices in the developed nations, while also addressing the changes that the developed nations such as India need to make to have a more robust and prolific competition law regime. The session saw a very fruitful discussion ensuing between the academician and the participants regarding the current on-going important cases such as the Google case and a case study of the retail sector.

Professor Fox delved upon the challenges facing the competition authorities across emerging and mature jurisdictions and also international policy think tanks to facilitate convergence of competition law. She stressed that divergences among varied jurisdictions exist only on account of material difference in approaches to the antitrust law violations. She concluded that though seemingly a daunting task, any good-willed efforts towards convergence should be more sympathetic to integration and beget cooperation and regard for compatible outcomes.