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CIRC Issue Notes


  • Issue Note 06 (2014): Foreign Direct Investment in Retail Sector: A Prospect or Peril for India


    Jasleen Kaur


    FDI in retail sector, especially multi brand retail, has been a much debated issue since the government has passed the law. There are supports to this move of government on grounds of it being beneficial for farmers, consumers and other stakeholders. The issue note suggests that with the instruments of public policy in its hands, government should allow FDI in retail but can slow down its process and should not leave everything on foreign players in retail.


  • Issue Note 05 (2013): Competition Compliance and Role of CCI: Need to Move Beyond Advocacy


    Saket Sharma


    Infusing culture of competition compliance is pivotal for controlling anti-competitive practices by market players. Till now, CCI has followed a unilateral approach of limited advocacy in this area. In tune with the global trend, CCI needs to follow a multi-pronged approach towards promoting a culture of competition compliance in India.


  • Issue Note 04 (2013): Intellectual Property and Competition Law: The Innovation Nexus

 Abhishek Adlakha

There has been a long fought battle between the IP Laws and Competition Law and their objectives seem to be contradicting each other. The issue note highlights the common objectives of framing both the set of laws which include promoting innovation, creativity and a better market for consumers.


 Molshree Bhatnagar

With the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, being ready to be replaced by the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill, 2013 (LARR), many think that the history of abuse of the power of eminent domain is set to be expunged. However, having given the emphasis on the transparency and swift acquisition of land for industrialisation and development of essential infrastructure facilities, is the bill really expunging the abuse of its predecessor or creating a new bureaucratic abuse & legislative ambiguity?


           Molshree Bhatnagar


Institutionalisation of unethical and illegal drug promotional practice has been put under

strict guard, yet, collusion of different kinds exist. The issue note highlights the current and pervasive practices of referrals in the healthcare sector and the need for the Competition Commission of India to intervene and investigate such practices. 


           Ashwini K Swain


Keeping with the global trend, India has been an active player in the race to renewables, seeking to expand its renewable energy portfolio. To achieve India’s ambitious renewable goals, the issue note suggests, the electricity regulators have to play the key role of arbitrator and facilitator.

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